Timber Products

Bush Poles

Durable, high strength, untreated, debarked poles suitable for building purposes with natural edge finish that feature the growth patterns of the tree. For those looking to build in the round and achieve an organic or natural look. Super straight or funky bent poles available.

Durability Class 1 and 2 species including Gympie Messmate (E. cloeziana), White Mahogany (E. acmendoides) and Grey Gum (E. propinqua), Red Mahogany (E. resinifera), Grey Ironbark (E. siderophloia).

Prices are for pick up at the farm gate.

80 - <120mm small diameter $12.00 / metre
lengths > 5m: $16.00 / metre
120 - <280mm medium diameter $18.00 / metre
lengths > 5m: $20 / metre
>280mm large diameter $20 / metre
lengths > 5m: $23.00 / metre

Peeled Posts

SFP produce sapwood-free, peeled posts from naturally durable eucalypt species such as Ironbark, White mahogany, Gympie messmate and Grey gum, which are grown in our plantations here in the Northern Rivers region of NSW.

The posts are smooth, high strength and are suited to vineyards, horse fencing, strainers and bollards. Being untreated and up to twice as strong as treated pine posts of the same diameter, they are also suited to organic applications such as vineyards and orchards.

The Process

‘Durability’ in timber refers to the heartwood of a species’ resistance to decay and termites when in contact with the ground. However, the outer wood or sapwood of all species has a poor resistance to decay so before it is used in the ground, the sapwood is either removed or chemically treated.

At SFP we use a spindleless lathe to peel the sapwood off our naturally durable species, leaving a smooth, uniform diameter post. Where all the sapwood is removed, there is no need for chemical treatment. The toxic chemicals in treated posts make their disposal difficult and costly. An added advantage of our untreated, naturally durable posts is that there are no issues with disposal at end of service; they can be repurposed or burnt as firewood.

Prices are for pick up at the farm gate.

2.4m 100mm diameter $25 each
2.4m 120mm diameter $33 each
2.4m 150mm diameter $44 each
2.4m 175mm diameter $50 each
2.4m 200mm diameter $65 each

Fencing Rounds

Durable fencing rounds or strainer posts for in-ground use in rural fencing and domestic backyard applications. Durability Class 1 species including Gympie Messmate (E. cloeziana), White Mahogany (E. acmendoides), Grey Gum (E. propinqua), Tallow Wood (E. microcorys) and Grey Ironbark (E. siderophloia).

Prices are for pick up at the farm gate.

2.4m, 280-350mm large end diameter strainer posts $44 each

Specialty Natural Round Wood

Orders for latte style, smaller sized (<80mm large end diameter), natural round wood products can be arranged. These are typically used in the creation of stylish, bespoke roof finishings and fencing.
Price is negotiable depending on piece size, species and volume.
For all product and service orders or requests, please send us an email.


All prices quoted are GST inclusive.