Timber products

Natural Pole Products

Durable, high strength, untreated, debarked poles suitable for building purposes with natural edge finish that feature the growth patterns of the tree. For those looking to build in the round and achieve an organic or natural look. Super straight or funky bent poles available.

Natural Pole Sizes

Large End Diameter – from 120mm to 300mm.

Length – from 2m to 12m.

Natural Pole Price

Poles are sold by length at a lineal metre rate. Prices are for pick up at the farm gate.

Price: $16.00/m inc. GST


Specialty Natural Round Wood Products

Orders for smaller size (<120mm large end diameter), natural round wood products can be arranged. Price is negotiable dependant on piece size, species and volume.


Fencing Rounds

Durable fencing rounds or strainer posts for in-ground use in rural fencing and domestic backyard situations. Prices are for pick up at the farm gate.

Standard 2.2m, minimum 300mm large end diameter strainer posts. Price: $33.00 each inc. GST.

Smaller 2.2m, 150mm to 250mm large end diameter posts. – $16.50 to $22.00 each inc. GST.


Milled Timber Products

A range of sawn timber products will become available in the future. Please keep in touch!



Raw sawlogs from plantation harvesting for downstream processing can be purchased. Price per ton or cubic metre is negotiable dependant on species, sawlog size and volume.

For all product and service orders or requests, please send us an email.


All prices quoted are GST inclusive.