Super Forest Plantations

Super Forest Plantations (SFP), based in the Northern Rivers region of NSW, is an innovative, sustainable, mixed farming enterprise providing safe and rewarding employment for the local community.

Through the implementation of holistic and sustainable land management strategies, SFP endeavours to use best practice to produce high-quality timber and beef while identifying, restoring and nurturing environmental links.

SFP acknowledges the Bundjalung Nation, the traditional custodians of the land.

Meet our team

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    James WrightOperations Manager
    James Wright employs a philosophy that focuses on the land and its holistic management of mixed farm use. He was integral in establishing Super Forest Plantations in 1999, and has been involved in the commercial growing of trees and cattle management since then. James has practical experience working on cattle farms, landscaping and building and combines this with his knowledge of trees and the environment to manage the commercial forestry and cattle on all properties.
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    Mark Wright (B. App Sc. Forestry, AssDip. Hospitality.)Tree Improvement Division
    Mark Wright has been interested in trees & forest ecosystems all his life. He has been involved in the commercial growing of timber trees since 1999, planning and establishing mixed eucalypt plantations while completing a forestry degree at Southern Cross University in 2006. While still being an integral part of the forestry operation, Mark has a key role in the financial management of SFP and is developing a tree improvement program with the aim of producing improved seed from seed orchards of trees selected for their superior genetics.
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    Wendy Wright (B.Sc, B. LArch (Hons), Dip Hort.)Environmental Division
    Wendy Wright is passionate about the ecology of the land and has recently joined her brothers to manage and integrate an environmental focus within SFP. Wendy comes from a background of Science, Landscape Architecture and Horticulture. She has and continues to be involved in the running of environmental grants and company funded projects for SFP, which is central to the holistic management of the land for food, timber and the environment.