Consultancy services

Since 2001 SFP has been successfully establishing, maintaining, monitoring and managing its own mixed species, hardwood plantations. The outstanding efforts of SFP have been recognised within the timber industry. SFP has won awards, been invited to present at conferences and other events, published articles in industry magazines, featured in newspaper articles and radio interviews and has a long association with the Forestry School at Southern Cross University. The consultancy staff are highly qualified professionals, trained and experienced in all aspects of timber plantation management.

Over the years SFP has developed the skills and expertise to confidently offer the following consultation services to prospective tree growers:

  1. Land assessment for tree growing purposes; plantation forestry, environmental plantings and integrated farm forestry (eg. cattle and trees, windbreaks, shelterbelts, riparian zone remediation, land slip remediation).
  2. Assessment and valuations of existing plantations.
  3. Timber plantation establishment, maintenance, monitoring, management and harvest planning.
  4. Mapping.
  5. Report writing.

Consultancy Rate: $132.00/hour including GST.


For all product and service orders or requests, please send us an email.

All prices quoted are GST inclusive.



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